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We provide reliable, affordable hosting for small- to mid-size companies. 

We focus on your infrastructure so you can focus on your business



9.99 / Mo 

Simple, fast and effective for small install like a landing page.
Instance has dedicated IP, 1 CPU core, 4Gb of RAM, 32Gb of SSD and root access for unlimited usage.



39.99 / Mo 

Good as starting point for a WordPress or other CMS project.
Instance has dedicated IP, 4 CPU core, 16Gb of RAM, 128Gb of SSD and root access for unlimited usage and fine tuning. 


69.99 / Mo 

This plan is a fit for a decent load. Our customers can squeeze 196k visitors a day from such an instance.
Instance has dedicated IP, 8 CPU core, 32Gb of RAM, 256Gb of SSD and root access for unlimited usage. 

What we do

Doing managed hosting in a proper way 

You worry about your business - we worry about your infrastructure. We provide all you need and nothing you don't. You can forget about OS updated, capacity calculation and other technical questions since we will lead you thru that area as painless as possible.


The value co-creation starts with the understanding of major pain-points. Unfortunately in IT world one size barely fits all needs.


Our Architecture team is capable to lead you or your team to a proper start point for your project


Finished engineering doesn't mean finished project. This is where operation of your project starts!

Tailored products upon request

Custom VPS configuration

If your demand is about standard VPS packages just let us know and we will provide You a custom configuration based on your need - more or less CPU cores, RAM or Disk Space capacity - all you need in a simple request 

Monitoring & Log management

Availability monitoring is included into every package. We monitor our infrastructure 24x7 to make sure our clients obtain first class service. In the same time majority of our clients purchase extended monitoring for their instances, it's better to know what is happening behind the scene when things go wrong.  Just pick Monitoring add-on during your ordering process and you all set - the rest we will do for you by our own. 

OS Security Patches

Unattended server is a good target for a malicious software. There is nothing less hardened then server running two years old software . In a good case it turns out just as a high resource consumption due to malicious bitcoin scripts uploaded to your site, in a worse case - data leak which is more then unpleasant incident. 

Fully Managed Service

The highest price you pay running your project is a time. The time spent configuring things and troubleshooting software is a time you better spend on your business, marketing and sales. Click on the button and let us do the work we are good at and just focus on your other needs. 

why we do it

Theodore was right

We just follow Theodore Roosevelt words, and we do what we can, with what we have, where we are.
And since we pretty good at hosting different projects and already were having decent infrastructure we decided to provide hosting for small to mid-size companies in Central Europe country.

In that way we do what we love and therefor do hosting in a proper way. You get what you need and nothing you don't.


Not sure where to start?

If you are not sure what is a good starting point for your site, project, mail server or any other instance - just let us know context and we will advise you a proper configuration.


What they say

Andrew Yanush 

Founder & CEO at Yanpix 

Two worriless years with Hosterium is the best description of service. It seems there are no issues or all of them are fixed automagically. To be honest I just don't care what is happening behind the scene -I'm just happy to have my project UP and running so I can focus on my business. 

Christoph parker


I'm at very beginning of my business journey and I would like to focus on market not on hosting for my wordpress site. Hosterium not only provided with a decent service but also helped me to navigate thru technology world a billions of times. That helps a lot and I have saved a lot of time for my project.

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